Stuck for Valentines plans?

So I will be spending Valentines without a bloke this year, however that doesn’t mean that I wont be making the most of the indulgence!

What better way to do that that a spa day! So I will be heading to Banatynes Spa in York thanks to Buyagift, although at the moment I have no idea who I will be taking with me. But who says you have to take a love interest.

There are so many things you could be doing this Valentines, so think outside the box. Somewhere like Buyagift is a great place to get a variety of treats. I have listed my Top 10, perfect if you are in a relationship or not!

Valentines Top 10 – first the 5 for couples, then the 5 for singles!

1 – What about a night away, somewhere unexpected and indulgent like say, a castle? A romantic dinner followed by a candle lit bath and a proper lie in. Whether you like the idea of sprawling country estates or the bright lights of the city, this is the treat for your loved one and you.


2 – Maybe you are a festival lover, then how about a night ‘glamping‘ not quite as grungy as a damp and grubby tent, ace voucher includes stays in camping pods, timber tents or wigwams at your choice of 11 beautiful locations across the UK. Whether you’re taking in the beauty of the Lake District or admiring rural Scotland. Perfect for couples who love to sleep all snuggled and warm.


3 – Why not treat your loved one to a present that will last longer than Valentines, this couples portrait is perfect! Fun and flirty day spent in front of the camera, something that will remind you for years to come of the fun you had!


4 – Sail along the Thames, the stars twinkling and the music softly floating in the distance, fill your tummies with gourmet courses and bubbles. Maybe the perfect setting for a proposal?


5 – Finally, want something really exhilarating  How about a tandem bungee jump? A unique and exhilarating experience, you’ll be safely harnessed together before launching yourselves from the 160ft platform! This experience is a great way to enjoy an amazing adrenaline rush, and your hearts will race as you hurtle towards the ground


Now for those of you, like me spending Valentines single.

1 – Hurl yourself down the biggest hill you can find in these futuristic Zorbing rubber ball, you and your chosen victim are strapped facing each other in the harnesses inside the ball, before tearing off down a hill at speeds of up to 30mph. The general reaction is to laugh hysterically as you descend the hill, rolling and bouncing!


2 – Admit it, nothing is better on a single Valentines day than getting giddy with your best mate, so wine tasting is the perfect experience. You can start the evening nice and civilized and then hit the town and get up to some mischief.


3 – Love Louis Spence? Love Pinapple Dance Studio? How about an adult only dance class with a mate? But not just dance, how about singing and acting too? No matter what your level of experience the Sunday classes at Pineapple Performing Arts School will cater for you. They provide expert training and from experienced tutors that aim to improve every aspect of your performance. Your lesson will include one hour of singing, one hour of dancing and one hour of drama


4 – Do what I am doing and head to the Spa, nothing is more relaxing that a massage followed by a gossip round the pool! Feel yourself unwind and relax as you receive a reinvigorating and reviving 55 minute treatment each, choosing from a range of treatments including massages, facials and manicures. You’re then free to spend the rest of the day making use of the spa facilities including air conditioned gym, pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.


5 – Finally, how about a trip to Harrods for afternoon tea? The Georgian Restaurant has been one of the most refined places in London to take afternoon tea. In years gone by an afternoon visit to Harrods was not a mere shopping trip but a social highlight. Under the splendour of the original 1929 Art Nouveau skylight and elegant carved plaster ceiling


So this Valentines what will it be? You in need of a last minute present, did I mention you can have the voucher emailed to you in time, meaning you can keep it as a secret you are only just planning your Valentines day!

E x


Hey there lovelies!

So today’s post will be a short and sweet one!

I have had a lovely day with some of my favourite people – which has been a real treat.

So the winners of my Instant Print Giveaway are

1 - Patty Difusa – for being a new blog and heading to BPSFW – so lovely to help someone along with her new project

2 – Matthew Huckstep – Matthew is getting married and had a lovely idea of including a card with his invitations, to let them know how they can give to their wedding list/honeymoon

3 – Amy Keen – Amy has recently had her first book published and she is about to publish the next in the few months, she will also be signing her first book Embers in a few weeks and totally deserves to receive these beautiful cards.


4 - Aimee Carmichael – For being a really awesome present digitally and looking to branch out into the non digital world!

Thank you everyone who has emailed, commented, tweeted and shared the competition.

I am planning on running a competition every month so keep your eyes peeled.

If you lovelies who have won could email me your contact info to I can get the ball rolling for you.

E x

5:2 Diet

NEWSFLASH! My weight loss has plateaued – which is somewhat annoying, especially as I am only half way through my journey to a slim and healthy body.

So I have decided on my 28days-28blogs challenge needs to include a crazy new diet. So let me introduce you to the 5:2 Diet.


The idea of the blog is “Intermittent fasting, in the most basic term. You eat normally for five days and severely restrict your calories for the other two – 600 calories for men and 500 for women. It’s up to you the dieter as to how to divide them up – the rest of the time, you eat what you want.” I read about it in January in the Sunday Times Style magazine and kept hold of the 2 week recipe plan they included, in the vain hope of trying it one day, that day ladies and gents is tomorrow the 9th Feb 2013.

I am intrigued by this diet, not only because it appears to be a ‘wonder diet’ but also because the actual premise has been around a lot longer, but the first instance I really noticed it was when Kate Harrison book went on sale at the end of 2012, heralded as the complete guide to the fasting revolution! Quite a statement I am sure you will agree.

9781409146698I have a strange relationship with food, always have done. If I take you back to my childhood, my foodie memories revolve around family and love, we are a family of feeders, not in the scary behind the scenes documentary way, in the we lavish food on each other for every conceivable reason. Bad day, food. Good day, food. Celebration, food. Commiseration, food. You get what I am saying! I think a lot of it came from my mum being over weight when I was a child and never wanting me to have an issue with body image. So she poured compliments over me and gave me an incredible sense of worth, something I cannot thank her enough for. But with that sadly comes a very warped view of what food is, and how it should be used.

I have a very unhealthy attitude towards food now, not just the actual food that I eat, but the way I eat it and the lack of respect I give to my body. I will spend hours doing my make up, hair and nails but I forget that my nails, hair and skin are directly affected by the foods that I eat. I am hoping that this week of really paying attention to the sorts of food I am eating and the genuine calorie content of some of my favourite things, will help me to learn to treat food as a fuel and not a reward for getting through the week.

So I will be adding a little to each of my daily posts for the next 7 days with snippets of how its going, I won’t I promise bombard you all with tales of woe.

I would love to know what crazy diets you have tried over the years and how you came to just either accept your body as it is, or how you went on to change it?

E x

PS. Only 23 hours left of my Instant Print business card giveaway!

Love my hair

Totally girlie post alert!

I am heading to British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in a weeks time. This thrills me more than I can explain, I am so happy to be included in such a great event, and although I think that it’s a shame there needs to be a stand alone set of events (more of this tomorrow), I am pleased that there is a platform for plus size brands and models to discuss their part in the power house that is the fashion industry. I am also honored to be interviewing Tanesha Awasthi who is surely one of the most impressive and influential global plus size bloggers, as well as a chance to hear the wonderful Anna Shillinglaw of Milk Management talk about both her time as a model and her Model 101 class!

The whole weekend will be a great chance to meet with other bloggers and hopefully start to understand a little more about the world of Plus Size, as despite my current weight loss, I will never be your average runway model size. You can follow the weekend on twitter using #BPSFW if you aren’t able to make it. I will also be blogging and tweeting of course!


As such I am on a bit of a mission to get my hair in order this year, its had a tough time of it. Its been straightened  curled, heated, cooled, sprayed, cut, extended, dyed, stripped and generally ragged around. Here in fact are just a few of the styles I have had my hair in the last 6 years!


So I decided, and wrote about in my No More post, that I would not cut, colour or over style my hair. Cue the manic sitting on hands to avoid breaking my ban! Then in a heavenly moment in steps in Moroccan Oil Treatment, described as;

“A versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula that can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.”

Moroccan Oil

So basically exactly what I need! Now I have quite oily hair so was advised to only use it on the ends of my hair and avoid the roots, similarly to how I use conditioner. I have been using it daily on the tips of my hair after I have left it to dry naturally and run through my damp hair before I dry it.


I am so in love with this product that I am now considering investing in some of the wider range. Especially the Shampoo and Conditioner which claim to

“Contain antioxidant argan oil and nutrients to cleanse, detangle and bring back body to hair. They beautify hair with shine, manageability and movement, while making it easier to style. The formulas are free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens, so they’re safer for the environment and won’t dry, fade or strip hair of color.” 

If the shampoo and conditioner match up to the hype half as well as the treatment oil then Moroccan Oil will have a customer for life in me!

Would love to know what you use to keep your hair in great shape?

E x

The road to slim…

Afternoon lovely readers!

So this is a completely self-indulgent post, or at least more so that my usual ramblings post.

Its simply about me!

Some of you will know, well all of you if you read the blog, that I am somewhat harsh on myself when it comes to my body and image. However today has marked a real achievement, I have lost just shy of 2 stone. Not only am I lighter, I am also healthier, happier and an all round nicer person to be around.

Its been easy to be honest, eat better and move more. I decided I would exercise for 30 minutes a day, which I have managed to do, bar a few days of horrid flu-ness. I have used MyFitnessPal to record every single thing that I eat & drink, no pretending or lying just honest. Its amazing the effect really thinking about the foods you eat has on your life. I never thought I would forgo biscuits for fruit or bread for salad, but there you have it!

Thanks to some lovelies at work telling me how ace I look today I decided to foray into the world of fashion posts. Thanks to Amy for her wonderful location ideas and photography skills. So here we go, the girl who hates full body pictures, in all her glory!


My dress is from ASOS  and is a gorgeous jersey swing dress, teamed with my Primark faux-fur gilet, slouchy black knee-high Carvella boots and of course my obligatory Micheal Kors rose gold watch. Below I even braved it without my gilet! Note my knees are also visible!

So it’s a simple post, just to reward myself for feeling awesome about how I look. I have a fair way to go to get to my goal, but I am on my way and that feels as awesome as I am sure reaching my goal will be. 

I had to include this picture – I feel like a superhero!

superhero me

I want to thank those of you who have been ace and supportive and made me yummy healthy tea when I have been to see them, to my mum for being ace and doing it with me! Who has herself lost an ace amount of weight before she heads of on her epic trip (more of that later)

So here’s to the next 2 stone and the rest of my life

E x

No More

When I was a little girl I was told, as I know a lot of girls are, that I was pretty, had beautiful unique eyes, had hair grown women dreamed about, and that I could do anything I wanted with my life. I accepted it because I was told it by the people who loved me.
Dad & I 

So what happened between then and now. I have the same eyes and the same thick hair, and I am doing everything that I want in life. and yet I struggle.

I struggle with the fact that despite being told throughout my childhood the things I mentioned above, and many more, the only one that I held on to and has shaped me is the one about my ability to do anything I want with my life. I am doing exactly as I wish with my life. Everything I have done in my life has come from me, and yet when I look in the mirror it isn’t my accomplishments I see, it’s the things I think I have failed at.

How come I managed to turn all that positive reinforcement and support about my abilities and capabilities to achieve anything into a real life existence, yet as I sit and write this I am plagued with feelings of inadequacies about my looks that I have led me down a path to being overweight and horribly unfit.

I think that a lot of it stems from the fact that as girls we are taught by the people outside our home life that it’s the things we achieve in school that define us as we age. We are taught in school so that we can continue upwardly through life, to achieve success. In all that though I think certain messages are lost. I don’t think that girls are recognised for their naturally abilities, only those that are taught by others.

Yet as soon as we are grown those wonderful lessons we were taught, the incredible volumes of knowledge we have had imparted onto us over the years fall by the wayside and we are left with an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction that no amount of pay rises, promotions and big offices can over quell.

I judge myself based on the viewpoint of others. I only believe I am a good friend, if those around me tell me so. I only believe I am attractive if the people I find attractive find me so. I am only ‘right’ when someone tells me I am.

I don’t know if any of you reading feel this way, if you don’t then apologies, but I have decided in the last 40 minutes, although its been coming for some time, that as long as I am happy with the person I am, what I see in the mirror and my actions towards others then the opinions of others become null and void.

At the beginning of 2013 as the clock stuck midnight I made a promise to myself;

no more

No more trying to be someone else, no more trying to be the best at things that don’t matter and instead focus on the things that do, no more spending time angry that certain people in my life don’t behave the way I think they should, no more despising the reflection I see in the mirror. No More.

Instead here are my 2013 vows (not resolutions)

- I will not stop watching airbrushed american television shows that make me feel bad about how I look. Instead I vow to read more of the authors who inspire me, follow the lives of women who work for the bodies they deserve and find time to work on myself.
- I will not dye my hair over and over again longing for it to be something it never will be. Instead I vow to be kind to it and treat it well and most of all not try to have the looks of someone else, but create looks of my own.
- I will not pay to have plastic stuck to me nails because I think that the best way to have long nails. Instead I vow to grow my nails with patience and treat them well.
- I will not use fake tan or sun beds. Instead I will embrace my beautiful pale skin which I have recently realised actually suits my green eyes and dark hair.
- I will not read more into the tweets, Facebook statuses or other social networking site posts of my friends. Instead I vow to spend time with them; honest time so that when they post arsey snarky posts (which they still will) I will know that its nothing to do with me.
- I will not eat junk food. Instead I will allow myself a treat whenever I wish as long as it’s a small amount and I can justify eating it.
- I will not continue to allow my body to deteriorate. Instead I will exercise for 30 minutes every single day. Be it a brisk dog walk, a dance class, a swim or whatever else I wish.
- I will not see the success of others as a failure in me. Instead I will celebrate success with them and strive harder to focus on my aims and goals and not take my eye off them.

love what you do

Finally I will not deny myself any experience, opportunity or emotion. Instead I will go through life open-minded, honestly and with every intention of becoming the greatest version of myself possible.

Would love to know what you feel about this?

E x

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Is it just me?

I love quotes; motivational, thought-provoking, compassionate or funny. I am a fan of them all.

Want to know what I’m not a fan of? Over use and under action. I’m one of those people who actually take heed of the quotes and find something within them to take with me either on a day-to-day basis or when I’m in need of a little support.

However, recently the likes of Facebook, twitter and Instagram have been littered with quotes, flippantly used, put out into the world, copied and pasted and I’m not sure of the reason people post them?!

Think one of the ones that really pushed me over the edge recently and prompted this rant, appeared on the blog header of a beauty blogger.

Roosevelt Quote

I’m sure when Roosevelt was standing up for an end to racial segmentation, or pushing for the US to join the United Nations or maybe when she sat in the first seat of United Nations Commission on Human Rights she wasn’t thinking this quote would be used to promote a beauty blog! To say the blogger has entirely missed the crux of the quote is potentially the biggest understatement possible. It infuriates me, maybe it shouldn’t, but Lordy does it!

It’s not just the misuse of the quotes, but the incessant use of them, the plastering of them everywhere, and the lack of follow through. I’m not saying that every time you write something inspiring that you must run with steely determination to accomplish something on the back of the quote, but surely by putting them into the world without action you are slowly diluting their message.

I think more what infuriates me is the lack of action, if you are so inspired by the forceful thought-provoking words of the past why are you just posting them on Facebook, why aren’t you acting on them.

So I will share my favourite quote, I hold dear to me and act on, most if not all days.

“Everything will be alright in the end, if it isn’t alright, if it isn’t alright it isn’t the end”

Everything alright in the end

Yes I know it’s not the most powerful of quotes, but as I watched my mum sink further into depression and grief at the loss of the love of her life I searched for comfort for both of us. This seemed to appear out of the blue at the perfect time, on the front of a greeting card. But it helped, it helped me know that if I carried on helping, doing what I was then mum would pull through. Because when it comes down to it, the thought of reality is far more scary than the reality itself.

It’s a great few lines to carry with you in life. To remember that however awful something feels, however difficult, it will pass; things might not be the same, but they will be OK.

So do you have a favourite quote? One you hold dear?

E x

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Sunday Social

Today marks the start of my Sunday Social – they will be posts about the lovely places I have been and the gorgeous food I have eaten. I wrote a post about Baltzersens in Harrogate last year and it’s inspired the Sunday Social, because lets face it there is nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than perfect food and company.

Today’s post is all about Orchid, the beautiful adored Thai restaurant within the boutique Studley Hotel on Swan Road in Harrogate. I spent 3 gorgeous hours with my favourite second family, Amanda, Tim, Luke, Harry & Chloe have been in my life since the kids were tiny, in Harry and Chloe’s case before they were born! To sit with Luke, 17 whilst he has a beer and we chat about Uni makes me feel ancient, but at the same time so lovely to have been a part of his life for so long.

harrogate restaurant

The beautiful Studley Hotel


The stunning private room we ate lunch in 

This restaurant is regarded as one of the best in town, it is full booked most weekends of most weeks throughout the year, but for me the absolute best time to go is Sunday Lunch.

I bet you have all been to an all-you-can eat, but I bet you have never been to an all-you-can eat like this before. The food is just incredible, the blend of Thai and Pan-Asian flavours and textures, just divine. Unlike a lot of buffets, the Orchids buffet offers the best of the main dinner menu.

Included in the starters section of the buffet are the incredible succulent duck pancakes, light tempura vegetables, a sharp and creamy cucumber and avocado salad. I followed that by the beautiful Red Duck Curry, jammed packed with roasted duck, pineapple, lime leaves and sweet basil, paired with the aromatic rice and spicy soft noodles.


I cannot describe how beautiful the food at Orchid is, it’s also a wonderful place to people spot as Sunday Buffet seems to bring out the who’s who of Harrogate.

You can also indulge in some wonderful beer from all over Asia, includes Singapore’s Tiger, Singha from Thailand and my favourite Tsingtao which hails from China. There is also nothing more scrummy that a glass of ice cold Rose to cut through the rich Thai curries and to cool the palette after the chili ginger beef.

It’s a great date night place if you are out to impress and with the beautiful hotel attached its easy to make a weekend of it, walk off all the food and booze in the Valley Gardens afterwards.

Would love to know what your favourite restaurants in the area are, then I can add them to my ‘To Visit’ list and for my Social Sunday in the future.

E x

Super Duper Giveaway!

So February is upon us, and after the incredible month that was January I am thrilled to tell you about things things I have coming up. Which is handy since I have set myself a 28 day challenge, to blog every day.

I am going to start this wonderful challenge with a GIVEAWAY! Don’t you be telling me that I don’t do awesome things for you.

The lovely folk at InstantPrint got in touch and offered me a 1000 of their gorgeous business cards, of ourse I jumped at the chance. With BPSFW just around the corner and a wonderful trip to NYC the week after where I will be meeting and interviewing some amazing people and brands, the offer couldn’t have come at a better time.


I sent over my design, which was super duper simple to create online, then within a week the cards we with me! I have had a lot of business cards in my life, from my first job in recruitment to having my own company I have always felt a little let down, the quality has never been good enough and the design has been a struggle. So to say I was thrilled by the whole process is an understatement.


I decided on the matte finish on the cards is really expensive looking something I am always a fan of! I even made my first Vine 6 second video of the cards…geeky but I love it! You can find me on Vine heyworlditsmeemma

So the Super Duper Exciting news is that I am giving away 4 sets of 1000 custom cards!

Such a fab prize to win, if you’re just starting up a business, have created a blog or just fancy updating your current cards. Usually business cards are a boring and expensive requirement so I am thrilled I can offer a little bit of help

I might not be offering the most incredibly glamorous prize, but its one that really can add so much value to your venture!

So here is the deal!

1 – Let me know in the comment box for this blog post, let me know why you would love to win one of the sets of business cards

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3 – You can also follow Heyworlditsmeemma for an extra entry.

Make sure you put your twitter handle in the comments box along with your reason for wanting to win so I know to add the extra entry for you!

I will reveal the winner at 6pm on Saturday 9th February!!

The competition opens at 12noon on Saturday 2nd February and is open until 12noon Saturday 9th February. This is open for UK residents only.

Good Luck!

E x

I’m Sorry…


Dear January,

I am writing to confess. I’ve been a bad person.

First and foremost let me apologise. I have been so cruel to you in the past. I have bitched behind your back, I have wished you never existed and I have wanted to leave you behind.

But you stood by me, you held fast and showed me how wrong I truly was.

So, January I would like to take these few hundred words to thank you.

Thank you for providing the big wigs at television HQ with a needy and wanting audience, as such we are indulged in the wonderful drama of Ripper Street, the whimsical wonderland of Mr Selfridge and the insatiably addictive Girls.


Thank you for giving us a fresh start, for offering us a plain piece of paper and the chance to start anew. A literal clean sheet in the form of a new dairy or calendar – the horizon before us is now clear to be filled with wonder and amazement.

Thank you for giving us the hideously bitterly cold weather which means being allowed to have the heating on longer, allows us to unashamedly wear onsies and drink too much hot chocolate.

Thank you for the plethora of inspiration you give to magazines and newspapers, without you January there would be no “fad diet”

So here is my promise January, I promise to be kind to you, to think of you often and to speak only good things when people enquire as to how you are.

So here’s to you January!

All my love

Emma x
January lover!

P.S I will be posting every day in February. Every post will be at least 300 words. I will be taking requests if you want me to write about something, review something etc

So that’s it, that simple